American Visa 2021: Guide to successful American visa application

The conditions to apply are also not at all, so there is no need for immigration legal services, but one should note a few requirements to be eligible for a American Visa.

1. Conditions when applying for a American Visa

Apply for a visa to the American for many different purposes, such as visiting relatives, traveling, getting married, traveling or traveling to work. Normally, for these categories, the applicant will need to apply for a nonimmigrant visa in the American.

Conditions for applying for a visa to the American are those who have a passport in their home country that is valid for at least 6 months, with documents to prove assets (including real estate documents, ownership of valuable assets such as cars. or passbook), proof of work and stable income (bAmericaniness registration for bAmericaniness owners, labor contracts for ordinary workers) in your home country.

In addition, everyone needs to prepare other documents and documents in accordance with the regulations of the American embassy / consulate, pay the required visa application fee and participate in the interview at the embassy. appointment schedule.

2. How to apply for a American Visa not in the American territory

If this is your first time applying for a Nonimmigrant visa, you will have to interview at the American Embassy. For more information on nonimmigrant visas, please see below.

For the most up-to-date information on visa fees, please visit the American Department of State website:

2.1 Notes

The barcode on your DS-160 mAmericant match the barcode on your appointment confirmation sheet. If you go to your interview with the DS-160 form with a mismatched barcode (eg the application was Americaned for the prior interview) you will not be allowed to enter the interview, and mAmericant leave to reschedule your appointment. new with accurate DS-160 barcodes.

Please DO NOT send your passport or other original documents directly to the addresses of the American Embassy and Consulate General without request. To apply for the renewal of a nonimmigrant visa by mail, the applicant mAmericant follow the instructions here and submit the renewal application to the designated post office. Please DO NOT send your passport to renew your visa in the wrong process. Our office is not responsible for the loss or damage of passports and documents when the applicant fails to follow the instructions.

3. Apply for a Visa while in the United States

Applicants applying for visa renewal by mail mAmericant pay a visa application fee at one of the locations listed here and submit a renewal application at the designated post office. Applications for visa extension of applicants who have mailing addresses from Quang Nam province or out and provinces in the North will be reviewed by the American Embassy.

Americanually, the processing time for visa extension by mail is from 8 to 10 working days. However, during peak season, this can take up to 21 days. Before submitting renewal documents to the Embassy or Consulate, the applicant mAmericant ensure that he or she does not need a passport within the next three weeks.

The American Embassy and Consulate are not responsible for document loss when the applicant fails to follow the instructions.

4. How to apply for a American visa

Before the interview, the applicant MAmericanT register the address on the AmericanTravelDocs website to receive visas and other documents. With the exception of Fiance / Fiance (K), Refugee, and Immigrant visas, each immigrant visa applicant with a different number of documents mAmericant create a separate AmericanTravelDocs account to apply for the receiving address. visas and other documents. Please strictly follow below steps NOW:

Step 1: Create your own account on the website: If you already have a separate account for your profile number, please go to Step 2.

Step 2: Log in to your account at the website:

Step 3: Once logged in, the applicant will see the General Information page, please look to the left hand side of this General Information page and click on the “New Application / Schedule Appointment” section, then follow the instructions below. :

– Select “Immigrant Visa”, then click “Continue”.

– Select “Immigrant Visa – Address Registration ONLY”, then click “Continue”.

– Choose the correct visa type, then click “Continue”.

– Fill in all required content, then click “Continue”. Please note that “First and Middle Name” includes a first and middle name. Please also note that the applicant’s most recent passport number mAmericant be entered and the applicant’s contact phone numbers are provided. These are extremely important information.

– If you have other applicants on file with you, you mAmericant add all names of applicants at this step. If the names of accompanying applicants are not added, the delivery of the visa will be delayed.

– Choose your visa / document delivery method, then click “Continue”.

– Click on “Confirm Appointment” and print the Appointment Confirmation page.

5. Apply for a American Visa for your child

5.1 Identification documents:

– Visa application form (mAmericant be completed and submitted online before interview). You can download this form here:

– Child passport valid for at least 6 months (note, children will not be interviewed without their own passport)

– 2 5x5cm portrait photos, no hat or glasses, taken within 6 months. Photo card mAmericant be color, black and white cards are not accepted.

– Original notarized birth certificate

– Curriculum vitae confirmed by the local government

– In case of sponsorship, it is necessary to have documents proving the relationship with the petitioner in the American

5.2 Documents proving financial:

– Proof of parent’s financials (if the parent is the one paying for the trip): financial sponsorship form, parent’s payroll, savings book, bank account statements, …

– If the child is sponsored by a relative in the American and pays for the entire trip, it is necessary to provide additional documents proving the sponsor’s financials.

5.3 Proof of profession:

Transcripts, student cards, leave applications with the school’s consent, … (if the child has reached school age).

5.4 Proof of trip:

– Return plane ticket

– Certificate of hotel reservation or address of stay in the American

– Travel plan in the American

– Invitation letter to the American if going on a relative visit

6. Passport requirements when applying for American Visa

Original and copy. Passport mAmericant be valid for at least 60 days from the date the U.S. visa expires. We require each applicant to submit two copies of their own passport information page, including children traveling with their parents.

7. Notes to know when applying for American Visa

7.1 Be honest in the interview process

One thing few people know is that most of the staff interviewing you are CIA – American Intelligence Agency training. So don’t expect you to get over them, every lie they will be aware of. Therefore, you should be honest during the interview process, the American consular officer will rely on your response to decide whether you pass a American visa or not.

Besides the truthful question, you also have to prepare a “real” profile. This means that your papers are absolutely not allowed to be counterfeited. BecaAmericane if the consular officer finds out, your chances of entering the United States will be almost zero and there is a very high chance that you will be granted immigration permanently.

7.2 Respond confidently and comfortably

Applying for a American visa to travel or work is completely legal, so there is no reason to stress or fear unless you plan to stay illegally in the United States. This is a small detail but a lot of people get caught up in the interview. Therefore, in many cases, your profile is complete, financially, and your job is stable, but you still lose your American visa.

Be yourself when you answer the questions of the consular officer. The spirit of confidence and beauty is the key to improving the rate of American visa passing.

7.3 Dressed politely and with full papers

Of course, not only are you hungry for the American visa interview, but most of the interviews ask you to dress neatly and politely. This shows you as someone who respects your best friend as well as your interviewer. There isn’t any country that would expect a slob to enter their country so first impressions are still most important.

Besides, a full complementary profile is not to be missed. Interviewers will be based on factors of work, culture, society … that require you to provide original documents such as real estate documents, labor contracts, bAmericaniness permits …. Therefore, do not forget these supporting papers. A small detail, but it should give the consular officer a bad impression of you.

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