Bạch Mã (White horse) national parks – An Amazing “no plan” Journey

No more time after coming back from Ly Son on my first week I’m feeling of my crazy legs, so you borrow the car guy to make one trip to help addicts near neighborhood.

My hometown in Quang Tri so far away from that as much sea and so must aim point on the forest to go, so Bach Hue is envisaged close fit just recently pristine mountain (guess?).

Romance 1 from Danang friend ran out, comes from Quang Tri alone at 4am ran 5.30 to Hue City, rest drink coffee too, then run to Bach, to place their views 7h not remember anything .

This ride rolls her learn how to go and plan how, so that went well, so when there is an entrance just a few of you sitting there asking

“You can ride to the top graft and sisters ko”, his answer was chảnh dog “Kids walk up labor” =)))

Then he told the 16km downhill this is not you have to go, I turned out not stupid people out as I’d originally thought 1600m range, which turned out to be high compared to sea level peaks of Bach, world is to tone down one too, moving from state to state lemon stupid face =)))

“Yes hire car out there how much he”

“I … I go 900 K guys”

“Yes 2”

“His delegation 4 people, plus 2 more of 6, is one of about 150k rứa”

This Annex begins relieved then, start screen please nick facebook interaction types, in union with two sisters from Hue, 2 siblings go by motorbike through Vietnam from Hanoi.

Due to delay his buddies should start truss is 1 car of tour companies on the island café, car 12 persons, but only 1 client, 1 he guides and drivers, too delicious rice transplantation application immediately. Cost is drawn from 900 K to 500K / 6 people that is 1 person 80k range, but often travels Oh my gosh its NO PLAN whole lucky ko, make eating in there hihi virtue.

Reach nearly 9 cars start running on top, the way to the top of Bach Ma is quite crooked and steep, as you get higher mountain scenery super nice out, I began to see and lethargy. Just head out sightseeing idiot ko ah.

Driving range 45 minutes to peak near Vong Hai Dai parking, the car began to walk out, Vong Hai Dai is the highest point Bach Hue, from here you can see Lang Co Bay, Lake Truoi, overlooking hills same identical mountain in sight I just wished the large lens machine to remove all scenes here about showing everyone.

After admire the beauty vs shooting at Vong Hai Dai finished, we both have the car running 5km to go down that way Lakes and Waterfalls Rhododendron.

To go to the Sleeping Lake 2km range, walk in the woods over the next 30 minutes, on the way to sleep with natural lake green snake soup that long filenames located in the road, to get worse in the group with its first bite you because not notice.

Sleeping lake is a collection of 5 lakes in 5 different high points, the 3rd most beautiful lake so we rested for lunch, bathing there. The water in the lake and super in super cold, we both bought beer up to down drink cold beer waiting lake always out to take rock, on the lake with a waterfall to look pretty ecstatic, the bath is through eating a rest before starting Do Quyen waterfall go.

From the Great Lakes waterfall Rhododendron quite far away, the road should also not feel tired cool, about 1 hour, then go to Waterfall.

Do Quyen waterfall 300 meters high level, because unions can not leave early to walk down waterfalls are (unfortunately seats), above, all see waterfalls overlooking rolling mountains, and Ma Pi Leng akin, both sides of the falls rhododendron flower, rhododendron flowers in March, the two sides both white forbid, I hope to come here is to buy flowers bloom to see the awesome scenes.

So do not stay, and right down to his car early in the calendar of the Group, so his group could not visit us more interesting, if you have time to make all these trails go in Bach to explore more places.

At about the beginning I thought, why there are points near his home so beautiful that I did not go right in the past, must have a plan to go out spots around her new home.

Bach Hue Goodbye to add 4 new friends, her two siblings go Skids go through Vietnam Cu Lao Cham has always, at first during the day to go on alone vs travel to Hue alone, they give rise to 2 days 2 nights go tut sea Cu Lao Cham island, which is the pros and cons of NO PLAN.

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