Best travel insurance: How to protect yourself effectively

Take out travel insurance is essential for all travelers! That’s why I decided to tell you about the best travel insurance on the market: the one I personally use!

All travelers are one day faced with this question: should I purchase travel insurance? And the answer is not always as simple as we think. The paperwork and above the cost of insurance can frighten and discourage us to take out insurance for a real traveler. However, travel insurance is essential to protect against any unexpected accident. And while traveling, the “unexpected”, there often !!

No one is immune from an accident or illness. Despite all the precautions that one can take when traveling, it happens that one is a victim of fate and that things go wrong … It is also often when one is not covered, the trouble arrive: It is “the law of universal pain in the ass”!

During my various travels around the world, I found that tourists regularly had trouble and there was not a more dangerous country than another. Unfortunately bad luck walks everywhere!

The answer to my question is simple … Why take out a travel insurance? To PROTECT!

It is therefore important to take out travel insurance to protect yourself and protect others. But this is not the only reason to ensure … Subscribe to good travel insurance will also reassure your loved ones. This will also allow you peace of mind throughout the journey and not be afraid to treat you in case of “bobo”. Indeed, if you are sick when you are injured, you may avoid doctors and hospitals for fear of having to pay big money … and perhaps you’d be right! In some countries, healthcare costs are extremely expensive (more expensive than in France) and your problems may end up shortening your stay. Travel insurance is MANDATORY for lots of reasons! The summary in some points:

– Make sure to protect yourself and others.
– Make sure to reassure his relatives.
– Make sure to have peace of mind.
– Make sure not to hesitate to go to a doctor.
– Make sure to save in case of problems.

How to choose the best travel insurance?

Travel insurance, there are a lot … And it is a priori not easy to choose between all the offers made without tearing some hair! However, looking a little more closely, we realize that the best travel insurance are proven and are already popular with frequent travelers … In trying to make sure my world tour, j ‘I made my choice after I informed from other travelers. So I decided to write this article to share my experience in my turn.

– First, you should know that, for a stay of less than three months, you have insurance with your VISA credit card (not valid on Prime VISA Gold or MasterCard). But know that the coverage you give your bank is limited … You are not covered for liability and ceilings are quite low … In short, if the problem is severe, you will pay from your pocket!

– For long stays of more than three months, so you have to take out a good travel insurance. And the criteria to be considered are numerous! So I will not explain in detail all insurance criteria but I will list you the most important points to consider:

Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred locally: this is the reimbursement of expenses in case of hospitalization (daily amount allocated) or in case of various problems (dental emergency, optics, etc …).
Assistance in case of illness or injury: support in case of hospitalization or injury that prevents you from continuing your journey normally (repatriation, presence of a close, urgent messages transmission, research costs, in case of theft advance) .
Death: the repatriation of the body in case of death proposed by any travel insurance (capital paid in case of death or disability, coffin or urn costs).
Liability Insurance: In case of injury or damage to a third party. An extremely important benefit because if you are not insured, you must pay yourself all involved care or repair (sometimes fortunes!)
Then, other benefits are available for special cases. For example, if you carry expensive equipment, you are interested in the conditions of luggage insurance. And if you do extreme sports regularly, it takes a special insurance that covers the outstanding activities (paragliding, diving, etc …).

The best travel insurance
After searching for a good travel insurance and compared the numerous offers of the market (AVI International, Mondial Assistance, etc. ..) I decided to turn to the Chapka insurance! The price / quality ratio is very good and offers are very well studied … There is indeed a insurance offer for every type of trip:

– If you are planning a WORLD TOUR or a trip of more than three months, “Cap Aventure” is for you! Perfect for Globe-Trotters, medical expenses are covered at 100% without the need to resort to social security. There is also a repatriation assistance 7 days on 7 and Liability abroad is one of many safeguards. In addition, insurance is included luggage during transport and the duration of stay.

– If you go to a STAGE or study abroad, go for the “Cap Student” insurance. This travel insurance is perfect for study abroad because the fees can be extremely expensive in countries like the United States, Australia or Canada … Medical costs will be paid no deductible, no limit! Insurance that will protect all students who participate in popular programs such as Erasmus, Leonardo, Comenius and many more!

– If you go to a PVT abroad? The “Cap Working Holiday” insurance will be perfect. An ideal insurance to all those who have obtained their working holiday visa. The warranty includes a comprehensive medical insurance with hospitalization expenses reimbursed unlimited, repatriation assistance and guarantees very important if you have an accident. A bespoke insurance which covers you during your professional activity (and “woofing”), but also when you are on vacation. Also, this insurance also covers the practice of risk sports!

Having myself opted for Chapka insurance during my world tour, I must say that I found very interesting and complete! First of all, no need to fill out a bunch of paperwork to join … An email address and a few clicks to make sure! The quotation appears live on site, depending on the time that we want to move abroad and, once registered, it receives all the necessary documents by email.

It is also very simple to extend its offer. Initially, I thought I would leave one year but the trip was not to be … But I have had no trouble extending my insurance through the site, handy when you’re on the road!

But, whatever the travel insurance you choose, what is important is to protect you from all eventualities! A good insurance is paramount to leave with peace of mind and if nothing serious happens, great. I prefer to pay insurance for anything, it is a form of luck!

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