[ Cambodia trip ] – Angko & Koh Rong Saloem (pt2)

We went to Angkor Wat at 5 am to see the sunrise. The road to Angkor Wat so nice with the old trees and the atmosphere. Entrance is $ 20 a day. Distance, Angkor Wat appears with magnificent look incredible. Surrounded by wide ditches made more majestic temples. Supposed to come soon. In the vast temple grounds then were there hundreds European, Asian tourists are driven eye on 5 big Tower waiting for sunrise. After more than half an hour of waiting, unfortunately, the Sun cloud. Many tourists disappointed back out. Our own continue to “conquer” 5 towers. Remote stand, trance Angkor Wat tourists by 5 towers are placed according to the diagram of the five points. Main tower in the middle of 65 m high, four small Tower high surrounding about 40 m. ancient Angkor Wat was constructed of stone had on 800 years of age. Though bearing the colors of MOSS of the times but the stone reliefs carved figure of the dancer really do sophisticated Apsara tourist admiration. Where does the temple are also extremely well made sophisticated stations we stupor. The Cambodian people know real tourism when preserving extensive though Temple setting but always dignified, clean.

We continue to take Full care to Angkor Thom, the Bayon temple where famous with 54 towers decorated by smiley face mystery full of 216. We take many photos at Bayon and because there are also many unique photo corners. Standing between the towers face mysterious laugh, our feeling strange when the smile seen through film now becomes real to stupor.


Before we come to Ta Prohm, temples were engulfed forests with many ancient trees have enormous roots covered down walls, Take our Full lunch in the restaurant across the street. Inexpensive price with 2 fried meat rice platters/USD. Tourist city siemreap should the inhabitants used the money it popular and speak English quite a lot. Take all of the matter in his home town English school has a price of us $ 5/month. After 2 months, all of the Take up Siemreap run tuk. Day also exposed West of English customers should Take all of the pretty pebbles.

We go from surprise to surprise others when turn explore the temple. Each one unique appearance makes us hardly missed though legs began hard to control. An Indian friend of mine worked in Siệp 4 years that he usually Reap to Banteay Srei Temple, calmly even thought the hour. Indeed, Banteay Srei peacefully in a way difficult to describe.

The last leg of the journey visiting Angkor Wat a day is to watch the sunset at Phnom Bakheng. Climbing up the Hill pretty soon when no visitors, we enjoy the rare stillness. To more than 16 hours of traffic jams, traffic jams up the ladder climbing very steeply. From the front of the temple, you can see the Angkor Wat from further away the gold-covered and watch the vast lake with iridescent gold strip of sunshine from behind the temple. The sun sets behind the Angkor area is one of the glorious spectacle of which we can experience in this country.

In the evening, after 1 hour walk around the city by tuk tuk, we walk into the shops selling souvenirs. Very crowded backpackers and stop at a café. Food and beverage prices also equivalent in Vietnam. Just 1.5-2 USD is meat stir-fried rice platters have a stir-fry, pets … If the intended travel backpack, you should manually dollars travellers such as 1, 2, 5 USD.

The next morning, we take a bus about Phnom Penh with 6 USD/person, enlist in the afternoon to visit the Royal Palace with King’s artifacts made of gold; Gold Silver Pagoda pagoda, where the Buddha statue with gold inlaid, 90 kg heavy 2,252 diamonds, Buddha made of jade near 1 m; Toul Sleng Museum visits and shopping buying souvenirs.

The last leg of the journey, we encounter the unexpected, she manages the Angkor hotels where we stayed a night at Phnom Penh’s people. When we have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, she told the Chef: “Do the seafood fried rice dish really delicious because the Vietnamese food!”.

We really feel satisfied because the Angkor were aimed his way in which each cost $ 120 per person for 4 day journey.

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