Detailed guidelines to entrying the Marasa road

From SG under QL20 through Bao Loc, Di Linh, when coming to fork Ta Hine then we will turn right into QL28B (Pass Liangshan Dai Ninh). This way junction and bridge Dai Ninh hydropower dam Dai Ninh approximately 2.5km. This place sure everyone knows it.

After 9.5km turn right go straight will add to the junction with the petrol station Ta In (Ta Hine), as in the left image. Even this junction police station, even if the next turn is going to Liangshan in Phan Thiet.

Turn left again finished to the junction turn right on to Taiwan (turn left is to go mining Bao Dai), will go through the market and went to Taiwan, adding 5.5km Thin right hand table Masara village culture.

Ta Nang you do then read the tutorial meal Ta Power wrote in May month likely passed this place and asthma. If not turn to go straight asphalt village will meet fork “Touneh”, straight ahead at the Ta Power supply – Phan Dung, left turn back to Me Quick – I say.
After turning into the village 4.5km run more along the gravel and dirt roads through the next few pastures.

Come watch the sunset memory and decent sunrise, otherwise would have missed. Then you see the image in your posts on zing tui here dentist.
If possible, get in different seasons to see green grass, red grass, yellow grass genres map. Here is the easy-going, carefree travel scooters, painstakingly shortage 10km run out to buy more alcohol aimed meat grills whatever, but remember finished playing clean litter cleanup not leaving anything out.
Here you go up the hill with dry tree tops broken, this place has very strong waves, including 3G, in case home can call or go online virtual live right and always =)))

Exact coordinates of Masara awaiting 11.515948, 108.433598. In recent Masara the waterfall again, heard that breakfast must be nice to go offroad Ta Nang – is said to date another time.

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There are occasions in the future will come back here again, a strategic combination always “happy path” long offroad 100km across 3 provinces including 3 offers continuous offroad Ka Do – I say, I say – Quick Ta, Ta Power – Phan Dung said as breakfast. Probably much coffee:

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