How to find a cheap hotel?

In high season (dates differ depending on the destination), hoteliers know they have much chance of fulfilling their establishment. They therefore make little effort on their prices and you will certainly pay a high price. For a hotel at the best price, so it is more advantageous to visit a city at medium or low season.

You will have a wide choice of accommodation available at relatively fair prices. And there are many other benefits to travel in low season … Prices of flights will be cheaper and tourists will be less present in the must places to visit. You’ll save money and you’ll be more relaxed during the whole stay.

Compare all offers, and compare again …
There is no secret, to get a hotel at the best price, compare the offers! And, although the hotel comparators sites may seem extremely practical in appearance, nothing beats a true manual search on different Hotel Reservation Sites. We must try not to give in to the easy car and realize by oneself market price at a given season. You’ll quickly an idea of ​​prices by surfing various websites you can book a hotel with the certainty of paying for the right price!

You must compare both rates, but also the criteria. A hotel in the city center will certainly be more expensive than a hotel on the outskirts. But according to the type of comfort you, prices will also be used to differ greatly. It is best to define in advance the level of comfort you need / want and compare the hotels that fit your criteria. You will go faster in your research so you know in advance what you want.

Look at the reviews from other travelers
In order to find a cheap hotel but also is of high quality, it is possible and advisable to consult the opinions of other travelers. Typically, most Internet hotel reservation sites’ll turn to Internet users through small notes and comments on the proposed hotels.

The other travelers are important but we must be clear and not be swayed by the slightest positive or negative comment. We must make an average of what is said without taking the criticism of others for cash. Firstly, because we all have different expectations and what acceptable for one will not be for another. Then, some notices may be fictitious and come directly communicating the hotels themselves. No site is immune to false comments from Internet users, it’s much too much to handle … By cons, some sites, like specialize in the selection of hotels and can lead you to your choices.

Perform the reservation as soon as possible
As with the purchase of an airline ticket, it is often advisable to make your reservation as early as possible. Several weeks or months in advance, the offer is wide and the rooms in the best hotels offering the best price / quality ratio will still be available. This advice is only valid if you want to know which hotel you go on your trip. In some countries, it is quite possible not to book ahead and look for a hotel with a good price / quality ratio on site. This is what I did during my world tour. Whether it’s in Asia or South America, it is easy to find a hotel quickly and to have the opportunity to negotiate the price on the spot.

But if you go for a weekend or a short week in Europe or in a relatively well-developed countries, it is often better to book hotels in advance over the Internet. You will be less stressed arriving at your destination, you will lose less time, and you will definitely get better prices. Not easy to find a cheap hotel when arriving in the heart of Barcelona for example. Accommodation is scattered and other options (such as apartment rentals between private individuals) are not always visible from the outside.

Move out of the tourist area
Sometimes it takes a little away from the main tourist area to get the best price. In high season the hotels of the city centers are often attacked and prices swell … But this is not always the case. In some cities, the most good-budget hotels are sometimes grouped together in the center and prices, in view of the competition, are very attractive!

In any case, if you decide to get away a little bit from the center, make sure your hotel is relatively close to a transportation: subway, bus line, etc … It would be against-productive to save on your accommodation if it is to spend a ton of money in transportation!

With all these tips, you should be able to get a hotel at the best price, whatever your destination. Also, I would like to tell you that you should not necessarily be afraid to miss comfort … When traveling, the hotel is just for sleeping!

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