[ Indonesia ] Discover The Bromo volcano – Feeling of the Freedom!

To reach the volcano Bromo there are not 36 solutions: take a fully organized tour from Bali or attempt to join the Bromo bus. If you choose the second alternative (cheaper), you should at first, to the town of Probolinggo. Then, from the bus station in Probolinggo, jeeps are supposed to go up to the village of Lawang Cemoro (where the Bromo) for about 30 000RP.

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I use the word “supposed” because, arriving at 7am in Probolinggo (after an overnight bus from Yogyakarta), jeeps were there but not at all ready to go for the Bromo … He would have to wait, to go up the Bromo volcano, the jeeps are filled with a dozen tourists! A difficult task since there were only 3 people that morning to wish climb to Bromo …
The drivers of jeeps warn: Some tourists have to spend the night in Probolinggo because the jeeps are not filled in time … Obviously, this announcement does not please us, and it seems clear that the drivers of jeeps advantage of this situation to sell their tour Jeep 10 times more than normal!
Indeed, if one look a little closer, we see that the Indonesian tourists Bromo rises with many small bus. But these small bus apparently prohibited to foreign tourists. Several times we tried to get on the bus without success … I would say that a “mafia Bromo” rampant unscrupulous in Probolinggo bus station to take advantage of the money tourists.
So, to avoid the wait, price too high and Jeeps unscrupulous drivers, we decide to visit us to Bromo by hitchhiking!
After nearly an hour of waiting, we can find a car that will take us up Sukapura (a small village between Probolinggo and Cemoro Lawang). Happy, we quickly go up on bags of rice at the back of the truck! But an hour and a few kilometers later, we are again stuck in the middle of nowhere …
A bus with local passes and agrees to stop. He goes to Cemoro Lawang but requires 30 000RP (the same price as the drivers of Jeeps). But half way was made, it was better to continue the adventure in stop! We therefore remain blocked a few minutes along the road until a stone truck stops … What a joy to travel by hitchhiking! An adorable free driver take us to the top of Cemoro Lawang at the foot of Bromo.
How to discover the Bromo free?
Our joy on reaching Cemoro Lawang was short-lived as the price of the ticket to the Bromo is 10 times higher than the price announced in the guides. The price rose from 27 to 217 000RP 000RP in record time! At that time, we say that we will just go down in Probolinggo and never see the Bromo …
However, after many discussions with local and tourist Cemoro Lawang, we understand that an unguarded passage (and therefore free …) leads to Bromo. We can therefore make us to Bromo crater and its free!
No one will say anything if you take this little trail and there are no guards down the plain … You can quietly join the Bromo crater and climb up in just an hour’s walk. Then you will just go back by the same path by the path in the opposite direction to return to Cemoro Lawang. Allow 3 hours to go up / return (enjoying a good time Bromo). Not bad? Surely you will be offered to a horse ride from start to Bromo. But frankly it’s not worth really worth it given the short distance traveled. In addition, horses can not not climb up to the crater, so it will not help the lazy … more
The “View Point”: you can also reach the point entirely for free. Also, do not believe the “Bromo mafia” that will make you think, even to go to the “View Point”, you need the entry ticket, that’s wrong! The road leading to the view from the North-east Cemoro Lawang (the same as the path) and you can borrow as you like!
Also note that you can reach the point of view alone, without motorcycle taxi or Jeep. Since Cemoro Lawang to the lowest point of view, it takes an hour of walking, which is really not a big deal! Starting at 4 am, you will arrive in ample time for the view the sunrise. And if you want to go to the view number 2 (located above) it will then count 2 to 3 hours walk – but I’m not sure it really worth getting up at 2am to reach viewpoint over another … because the view from the first view was downright great!
Also, once arriving at the first “View Point”, you may be a little disappointed by the concrete platform that is positioned up there … But do not worry, you can avoid this place easily (and the crowd at the same time) a few meters uphill a little higher. A little slippery trail climbs the hillside; you will be there in minutes!
Plain and Crater Bromo
Often the Bromo is clearly visible in the early morning, then a thick fog accumulates around the volcano throughout the day. Nevertheless, even if you arrive early in the afternoon Cemoro Lawang, you can go to Bromo despite the fog! Going down the plain, fog is thinner and even if one does not see at 30 meters around, you will easily find the Bromo.
Indeed, to climb to the crater, just go straight to the Hindu time (yes, a Hindu temple is in full at the foot of volcanoes) and head to the smoking volcano (Bromo is small This is not the big and beautiful volcano that can be seen from the village). The trail is clearly visible and marked by horse dung! Then go up the stairs straight to crater.


Bromo, a little history …
Bromo is named after the Hindu god Brahma! And every year, people (Hindus) make offerings to the crater because it is considered a separate divinity Kasada ceremony.
But the Bromo is not the only volcano in the area, indeed belongs to the Bromo National Park-Bromo-Tengger Semeru containing several active volcanic cones: Bromo, Batok and Semeru the (all visible from the 3 point of view). The Semeru volcano (the highest of the three) is considered the home of the gods by the Hindus of Java and the inhabitants of the region were considered the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as the guardians of the place
I hope this article will be useful to discover the Bromo volcano. Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have other questions.

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