[ Indonesia ] Paradise of Bali

As for me, Bali was synonymous with paradise. Yet, arriving on Bali from Java island, I quickly became disillusioned! As always, I had nothing organized my trip and I arrived in Denpasar (Bali’s capital) in the late afternoon. A furious desire to plunge into the sea made me lead me directly to the south of the island, a few kilometers away, Kuta!
But in Kuta, the sea is not that bad. Indeed, for those who like to surf is perfect, but for those who wish to swim quietly, this really is not ideal … The waves are pretty big, and the rather cold water surfers herbs Many! Moreover, it is not possible to make 10 steps along the beach sant being accosted by vendors of all kinds. These are extremely pushy or aggressive, and it is extremely unpleasant.
This applies even in the streets and alleys of Kuta. If you like drugs, prostitutes and massages, then you will be served! For those who expect to spend a pleasant holiday, do not count … Kuta is fully paved, it is McDonalds, KFC and luxury restaurants facing the beach. It is also thousands of souvenir shops that sell thousands of T-shirts with questionable taste.
In short, if you want to hate Bali, you can just go directly to Kuta!
It must be said that in Bali, small fishing villages have been turned into resorts with mass tourism. If you have a little time, you can try to direct you to Legian and Seminyak (two resorts located right near Kuta). It seems it is a little quieter …
Budget accommodation in Kuta
Nevertheless, there is an advantage to stay in Kuta housing are not very expensive! There is indeed a maze of narrow streets teeming with hotels and cheap Guesthouse. You can find, from 100 000RP, pool and rooms with breakfast included. It’s a little bit more expensive than on the island of Java (or are found housing around 70 000RP easily) but it’s still good value for money! A little more luxury, there is also Club Med Bali located in the Kuta area, the archipelago of Sunda, where it is good to rest and enjoy the tranquility of the place …
I find that there is not much to do in Kuta same, except partying, surfing and eating in good restaurants … But you may find some ideas by looking different views on Tripadvisor.
Surfing: if you’re not afraid to spend your day lying on a board trying to surf, you will be spoiled for choice as there are surfboards for rent everywhere and cheap ( 30 000RP the day). You can even take classes (it is even more advisable if you are beginner). Dozens of tourists are surfing in Kuta, so why not try?
Shopping: If you love shopping, you will certainly enjoy Kuta. Most major retail clothing are present along Kuta Beach. And there is a countless number of shops selling a bit of everything and anything.
Drinking beer with friends: yes Kuta is this, beer bottles which empty in a flash … So if you like to party recklessly and end your evenings in bars, you’ll love the atmosphere prevailing in Kuta. It’s much more enjoyable for solo travelers who want to meet people and tourists who travel with friends.
Flying: Bali International Airport is 3.5 kilometers from Kuta. So if you have a flight from Denpasar airport in Bali, you can go to Kuta one or two days before departure. A taxi from the airport to Juta will cost you 40-50 000RP (or 2 or 3 maximum €).
To end on a more positive note, I would say that there is still something beautiful in Kuta sunsets! The Kuta Beach is often crowded at that time because the show is really beautiful. The city suddenly found serenity and it’s a very foolish … So if you spend a few days in Kuta, do not forget to admire the sunsets from the beach …
You will understand, Kuta is not my heart stroke in Indonesia. But I guess it is a destination that has global appeal to tourists who want to have fun and enjoy the beach, just …

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