After nearly one month work placement think freelancer and stable small business done, that is crazy leg trip and decided to do near Saigon near the support appetite.

Yes buddy in Lagi, Binh Thuan should have been targeted destination, go online to find out the show here that skinny nose Ga lots phượt population and tourism newspaper review, so straight Ga

At first there is one other female friends go along, but to reach busy day, that is only 2 kids go, you run into another guy more Lagi is only 3 people

This is the same street where I intend to pass:

Long Thanh himself down by police on charges of encroaching 200k ticket online, how lucky that day not impound, just take the money and not be caught up in Saigon and vehicles.

Way better, running from song Ba Ria – Binh Chau – Lagi cool road, running along paddy reads, concludes forest, this little place to grab a good background image, its forest road segment had a rest too, enlist deserted road goes solve delicate problems.

Enlist think leg on the way
Enlist think leg on the way
Running low range is 12 to Lagi, call your guy running to meet him at home, rest 1 and enjoy the dine, eating fruit pickers climbing is thought let it go nose comes 3h Ga.

Run through Thay Thim Palace 10km there Talkative, 3 scoundrel buy seafood that include: 1kg crab 206k, Squid can not remember the price, about 3 children 100k crab, grilled all furniture hire extra 50k.

Should the coast near buy seafood, here is cheaper, buyers should pay attention when considered carefully balanced scales of time here, do not hire a seafood grill available for barbecue place on the island.

After baking finished furniture, we have the car to run on chicken millet, 5h20 pm on arrival range 10k buy treated water was so dark spots while ago just bought beer on the way.

Everything was finished my preparations, send us into a car seat canoe owners to prepare the island for all canoes to report alo has arrived, waited 10 minutes, then canoe on shore, carrying us through the map to the canoe straight Ke Ga Island.

Money in the island 50k 1 server lighthouse here look cute, very funny things happen so convenient. On the island we’d start looking for good places to dinner camping, alkaline skeptical a flat concrete floor beneath the lighthouse.

Divide your work buddies dark firewood campfire, I then set up tents worry, this is the worst thing the first time I travel up the dose should sort that does not go up is struggling, be skeptical Hiz poked home.

After a 3 children unknown up whole, with one group of students is also room for camping so much enticement em up with nothing plugged up exchanges, by the way just pitch a tent (bottle must face great song New thanks). Kids laugh at these reviews and thanks also to look into the tent of his many children reviews that we have built up a tent, egregious happy =))))

The three of us took turns to go wash yourself, then start again grilled seafood, this time its really hungry want shaky legs after shower fall into the fire grilled affectionately, then wait for a cold beer out great feast development goal 1 Cats always. Delicious seafood recognized and 1 part by his hunger to eat appetite than usual hehe.

You started two groups sit separately, after Ún few cans of beer, snacks and late night also is ending so student groups began to spread out, some you had lingered, her drooping over his side always. Sitting in the talk one out to meet fellow countrymen in the island, it is true that the earth is round.

In the first group of students born in 93 he recounted the achievements of the trip that I crave, I have not traveled much as you attention.

After one night campfire also play a few games and then went to sleep at 2. Hot night sleeping right there, because choosing the wrong location, the sea breeze should be the lighthouse quilt went to sleep without first public wind, covered with sweat, sleeping up to 5h have run out tent located, praises his buddies most held their first night sleeping bag 2h climb the lighthouse top tut sleep on it, it still boasted “cold wind blowing all people”.

In the morning after a climb up the lighthouse photographed models, we have the boat back to shore call the mainland always enlist bathing.

This trip every- thing convenient, but time out of one person in the group lost the key, but this newer cars no one open space, must return lagi taken too fibrous waving key, wait till 2 new dimension comes back Lagi.

About Lagi Games 3pm, dinner around 3:30 rest comes to the city, up to 8pm city views, a bit helpless, finished eating should always fall asleep.

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