Thac Mai waterfall and the destination is the arcs of highway

We arranged to meet at the market at 6:30 then eating, then at 9 we start from Thu Duc

It took over 30 minutes to turn on Buu Long road to the road will lead the party through the Tri An hydropower.

The more you run into the road begin away gradually, the people also gradually dwindled, and the gorgeous stretch of road began to unfold, the group who also violate traffic rules allow for excess speed.

Gorgeous stretch of road in the Tri An Hydropower

Palace Road near Tri An hydroelectric super nice, one side is the hydropower reservoirs, one side of the forest, in a very provocative way, look that crave right, this song must reduce speed to also take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery again.

We stopped shooting at Tri An hydropower, as running the more beautiful way, crossing roads Ma Da forest red soil, Provincial Road started out front (in Phu Ly, Vinh Cuu District) most beautiful roads , 1 sheet straight as silk, two roadside forests, almost no one home yet. If the vehicle breaks down here will certainly be one punishment.

Through the forest and mud baths

After pulling gas station, enjoy views of the scenic stretch of road, the group started to supply the main road trip: Trans Forest Background

Background forest road muddy red soil, especially if it rains, then go as “have” his group yesterday went pretty disappointed not muddy road as expected, everyone is sad because of the Saigon taken down without being mud bath to relax: =)))

But it also makes both groups have gathered to push the car to put on, there is no how sections are forced to pick up the car pushed slowly, both men and women gathered to meet each thrust was not afraid to get dirty, rolling, How many clothes, clean shoes are put on one layer of mud, there was another very latest fashion dot always =))))

Cheering teammates fell off

No trip that the whole group fell off again expect so, every time I prepare to run through muddy sections at all groups that fall just hope the car, sticky mud to get the picture that the laugh stringent review poor.

The team pushed the car is less, the more paparazzi team, put on the vehicle as that original group of 1 person’s phone, camera, camcorder models, butt skyward to take in the diving as mud but in the sense of the whole group was extremely happy diving.

Never hold your meal so delicious

Ramp most wanted by both groups crossed easily, do not waste time as expected, stopping at a roadside houses, onigiri is a sister prepared crew, the group ate a delicious array bu fresh, clean in just 5 minutes does not even a grain of rice.

Eating too rested 1, 2 pm the starting group of Dinh Quan, the sky began to rain, everyone is sorry that it did not rain at passing muddy road, to be experienced more mortification.

Gravel forest road segment

On the way to the ferry Dinh Quan to go through 142, the last ferry has many friends hemibagrus, the group had purchased two children to prepare for the evening, the fish here is quite cheap, the group purchased two children lost 180k.

To go to the right through the 1 Mai waterfall jungle road, not a house, but not muddy but jagged rocks, causing the party to ê butt because this road.

Login to capture nearly 5 pm tomorrow, the party began to take a shower rest Waterfall, Waterfall Mai turbid water, frankly, is not beautiful, as his title says Mai waterfall is just the journey of closing rather than the purpose of the journey.

Demolishing at final destination

After the group finished showering starting open baked banquet include: two chicken, two fish and 3 liters of rice wine bought on the way, singing and banging dishes to go moldy hammocks 10am start, set up tents to sleep

Brightening up the party hot soaks relaxing Boiling Water Bau then sailed back to Saigon, 4 pm the party started to Saigon and was greeted by one big rain. The party split in Thu Duc intersection, someone in that house.

The trip was for myself and the team memories, the diving great, refreshing laughter.

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