These days in Egypt – Journey for discovery the temple of Abu Simbel

Egypt has so many archaeological sites to explore, with a trip lasting more than 10 days that I have been, I’m afraid I can not visit all the landmarks are all there. So I just selected the most important point that I was known. Temple of Abu Simbel temples impressed with when I was studying the history of world architecture, so I decided to go upstream Nile by boat. Abu Simbel temples famous not because there are more highlights than other historical monuments of Egypt but became legendary thanks to the spectacular survivors from the submerged by river water and the rescue of The Unesco.

I decided to go upstream Nile by boat…

Temple of Abu Simbel temples is one of the constructions of the Pharaoh Ramesses II to record his famous victories. Inside the temple there are three Gods church protected the Egyptian state Amun-Re is important, Ptah and Re-Horakhty. Additionally, Pharaoh Ramesses II himself was revered and worshiped here as soon as the king was still alive. Most of the work inside the temple reliefs were shown scenes commemorating the history of Ramesses II battles in Syria, Libya and Nubia, while the other detailed scenes showing his divine personality .

Abu Simbel temple is seen from the outside…

Located a large temple Abu Simbel temples 120 m northeast, small temples Abu Simbel temples and the goddess Hathor of King Ramesses II Non Nefertari is also a place well worth a visit. This temple is located in Nubia (traditional across the border in southern Egypt but is down in the areas controlled by Egypt and the administration at the time). The ancients chose this location to build the temple because the rock face here no cracks, which are sandstone, suitable for the construction of the temple in the cave toward the sunrise. I’m really fascinated by these pictures, walls, pillars and statues prop art inside the temple was carved meticulously and lively.

This temple was built inside a cave
The paintings in this place made me very impressed …

The spectacular rescue
The dramatic rescue began in 1959. Temple of Abu Simbel temples located next to the Aswan Dam, but the presence of this dam, the water level gradually increased and Nile risk will engulf the entire temple. Therefore, since 1959, the international community has donated more financial resources to invest in 100% plan to relocate the temple to another location higher than the water level of the Nile.

Unesco has a major in mass summoned archaeologists, engineers and architects worked together. From 1964 to 1968, the entire temple Abu Simbel temples are cropping up each huge stone blocks weighing up to 30 tons and used cranes brought to higher ground and assembled back together. A Lego game, but at a higher level !!! Since the temple Abu Simbel temples rescue event, Unesco started really got into the field of preservation of historical and cultural monuments in the world and plan to restore Abu Simbel temples becoming a most important lesson of the course in architecture and construction.

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