10 WhatsApp features that were launched in 2020

Due to the pandemic at its peak, 2020 has to be one of the rough years that we have faced. However, a few things here and there made it a bit possible for us to survive this year while locked at home. Whatsapp is one of the major applications that helped us stay in touch with our loved ones.

Additionally, WhatsApp included a few features in the application that made it bearable to stay home and try around things in a healthy manner. To give you a better insight into the features of this instant messaging app, here is everything that happened in 2020.

  1. Something new that we all tried in Whatsapp is the disappearing message features that help users to clear off unnecessary space without doing anything, if a disappearing message is clicked on then the messages will disappear after 7 days that reduce clutter and keep things private.
  2. Yes, we can send and receive money easily via Whatsapp only. Now you don’t have to open your UPI or payment transfer application to send money across to your friends and family. It can be done easily with the help of the payment option that works in real-time and supports 160 banks for the transaction working streamlined in India.
  3. the personal chat and WhatApp groups can be easily muted forever with this option.
  4. In this tool, the users can declutter their Whatsapp easily by transferring images, texts, and videos.
  5. The users can easily search GIFs, audio, photos, videos, texts, links, and documents with this advanced search option.
  6. The users can easily put up customized wallpaper for people that they love and care about. Custom wallpaper for your favourite people.
  7. The easiest way to add the contact in Whatsapp is via QR code. Just scan the code and add the contact directly to the app.
  8. The users can express themselves by expressing emotions that is a great way to communicate with friends and family.
  9. Dark mode is the new trend of 2020. Be it the mobile theme or now Whatsapp, it is ruling the smartphone world. Activate dark mode and enjoy the application on your terms.
  10. Now easily call all your friends with the limit of 8 people to talk easily and face-to-face. The whole screen will be covered in the call and with just a click, users can get started with it.