2 Engineering students create India’s first blockchain-based social networking platform

Bhargav Varma and Palem Imran Mohammed, two students have created India’s 1st blockchain-based social network platform CiSAPP (Connect in Single App). The platform lets users securely connect on a single platform.

The idea for the blockchain-based platform was visualised by the two students in their second year of engineering. The social networking platform pulls out fake profiles and aims to guarantee users 100% transparency and privacy protection.

Both Bhargav and Imran have stated their reasons for coming up with this idea. According to Imran, a tweet from Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra got him motivated, for Bhargav, it was his vision to offer a safe place to users for networking.

Imran said that this platform will act as a people’s network where data is not manipulated by tech industry leaders but is compiled in decentralized locations not accessible to third parties.

According to Bhargav, he initially wanted to develop the social networking platform for his own networking needs, but later felt that he should make it available to a larger audience.

The CiSAPP app leverages a face ID for new user registration and authenticates whether the registered user alone is using the platform regularly and reports any discrepancies found. If a user is reported thrice, the user account gets permanently deleted. The app features include encrypted chats as well as self-destructing messages.