5 features that make iPhone better than Android phones

Since the time users are aware of the top two operating systems for smartphones, there is an endless debate on which one is better. iPhone and Android, both types of smartphones are in demand because of continuous updates and amazing user experience. But everyone has a different view of both platforms.

To give you a better understanding, here are the major features that make the iPhone different but better than Android phones.

As of the new update of the iPhone, the company has to reveal their privacy practices to users and how they are collecting data. Android only asks for data permissions and reveals the details around privacy without having any idea of how and where the data will be used.

Other apps can’t check the online activities of the users as per the iOS 14.5 update. The apps need to ask for permission before using the data of users before using the data anywhere. No one can track the user’s online activities on the website of other apps with the iPhone.

iPhone apps are available on the Apple App Store instead of third-party domains like clone or clickbait. It is mandatory for the apps to be on the store if the user wants to use it instead of just downloading the apk from anywhere as it happens in Android.

iPhone instantly updates users if anyone is trying to access or copy past the password for an account. No one can have access to the clipboard as Apple will immediately send the notification for it.

The iPhone has several secret options. One such option is that users will know if any app is opening the camera or mic with a green/yellow notification dot. It is difficult for anyone to spy on the users with the secret options.