5 Things to extend the battery life of smartphones

Our lives revolve around the small gadget that has bought everything to our fingertips. Be it grocery shopping, social media, or call, everything is just a few clicks away. In such a scenario, if the battery of our smartphone is down, we will be completely lost (hypothetically).

To extend the battery life of the phone, here are a few things that users can do.

Once the battery reaches the 20% benchmark, make sure to charge the battery and not let it go till 0%. If the battery is completely exhausted then the battery can slowly lose its backup hours and will start to drain soon.

It is not necessary to charge the battery 100% every time. One can switch the charge off at 90% as well since it will eliminate the chances of overcharging or overheating. Hence, this will protect the battery life of a smartphone.

Not all users like using power-saving mode but it can help in saving the battery life and not let it go down the drain for unnecessary things. Until the users are doing some multitasking or playing games, it is advisable to use the power-saving mode that can help the phone run for a longer period.

Using local chargers or cables might seem like a good idea but it can have a long-lasting effect on battery life. It is essential to make sure that the charger is of the company as well as the charging cable that can maintain the lifespan of the battery.

Apps use the battery in the background, many users having no idea about it. To improve health, it is best to delete the unnecessary apps that are no longer of use.