6 Best cross-platform app development frameworks for 2021

Cross-platform software has the ability to run on multiple computing platforms i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Cross-platform applications do not require separate coding for each platform, rather coding once will create the foundation for the app to seamlessly run and operate on different platforms with the same code-base.

Cross-platform app development has its own merits such as code reusability, reduced costs, easy maintenance, easy cloud integration and also quicker development time. Following closely with the features, here are some of the best cross-platform app development frameworks for 2021.

Flutter is Google’s contribution to the open-source mobile app development platform. Flutter is an object-oriented language. This works by placing the source code file within a Dart Virtual Machine (DVM). The flutter makes it easy to rebuild a widget tree automatically by doing it to understand the effects of your modifications.

React native, offers an intuitive native development platform fundamentally based on React- JavaScript library leveraged by mobile app developers to build intuitive UI interference. It is developed by Facebook. Native developers in India encourage React Native to stand independently that, even though they are cross-platform, apps built in this platform will have a look and feel of a native application thereby extending an interactive user involvement.

Ionic mobile app development framework utilizes HTML5 to develop hybrid apps. It is the most suitable option if you have restricted time to market your app. It uses a single base code and has a huge library of tools and the latest components. Ionic is preferred by expert developers worldwide.

PhoneGap is an open-source cross-platform app framework developed by Adobe. Adobe PhoneGap enables mobile app developers to code, and play with different languages without any hardware restrictions. It offers cloud solutions enabling mobile app developers to create apps directly in the platform.

Sencha touch is best used for apps that employ hardware acceleration techniques. It is popular among mobile app developers for creating native looking themes, with options for easy testing, integration for UI components and huge libraries. Sencha Touch is popular for inbuilt Cordova integration.

Xamarin was an independent cross-platform app development framework but was later acquired by Microsoft. It is an open-source framework that was launched to solve problems of disjointed native technology stacks, which made mobile app development a difficult and expensive affair. It is a single tech stack for faster development.