6 Visual Studio Code extensions that every web developer should know

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is an open-source code editor for modern web applications. The tool is quite popular among software and web developers for its ease of programming and multi-platform support. Visual Studio Code enables web developers to build robust web applications with ease. These are the top Visual Studio Code extensions that every web developer should know about.

This extension for Visual Studio Code can be used to compile SCSS files to CSS. It comes handy for web developers working on webpages with SCSS files.

This extension is used for debugging JavaScript code in the Google Chrome web browser. It is very convenient over the traditional Chrome console for debugging JavaScript code. You can install the extension and then setup launch.json settings for debugging any particular web page.

C# extension is used for building web applications in C# in the Visual Studio Code. You can use this extension to build and access features such as Go to Definition, IntelliSense, Find All Reference etc.

This web extension is used for local development server with a live reload feature. This extension saves time for previewing changes in the source code. You can automatically refresh the browser to review changes you have made in the code or website.

This extension is used for formatting files like HTML. The unformatted code in these files is then converted into formatted and readable code. You can define settings in the VS code preferences, which automatically format all the code.

ESLint extension is used for finding and fixing errors in the JavaScript code. On new folders, you may need to create .eslintrc configuration file. You can do this by using the VS Code command –
Create ESLint Configuration.