67,00+ VMware servers vulnerable to bugs, exposed online

The Cybersecurity researcher in San Francisco discovered that there are more than 6700 servers of VMware that are vulnerable to bugs. The enterprise software is exposed online that is connected to the internet making them vulnerable for hackers to target.

The hackers can easily slip malware into the unpatched devices that are more than enough to take over the network of the companies.

Bad Packets, a threat intelligence firm, detected the vulnerable VMware vCenter servers that were targeted by the hackers.

As per the CVE-2021-21972 vulnerability in VMware, there is a proof of concept code that was detected by the Chinese security researcher. It will impact the plugin of VMware vCenter, vSphere Client (HTML5).

PT Swarm, another cybersecurity firm said that VMware fixed the Unauth RCE that Mikhail Klyuchnikov, a researcher, found in the vCentre CVE-2021-21972.

The security firms claim that the issue is highly critical that can make the matters worse with the one-line cURL request to automate attacks where the low-skilled threat actor will work.

However, VMware has released the updates after this and have urged the users to update their systems to avoid any vulnerabilities.