Acer hit by ransomware attack demanding $50 million

Acer, the Taiwanese electronic and computer maker company, has recently been hit by the ransomware attack demanding $50 million that is one of the largest ransom ever asked.

The hackers have access to the documents of Acer that includes bank balances, financial spreadsheets, and bank communications. This compromise to the network has put the company at vulnerability via a Microsoft Exchange server for a few days.

It is believed that the ransomware attack was done by the REvil group that was responsible for the Travelex attack. The group mentioned on the data leak site about the breaching Acer followed by the stolen file images as the proof of the ransomware.

On March 14, the REvil group demanded $50 million that came as a shock for Acer representatives. The representative also mentioned that these attacks are common in companies that have made them observed to data protection authorities and relevant law enforcement. The company also added that the investigation is done on security aspects right now.

REvil group has demanded $30 million from the Dairy Farm cyberattack earlier. Along with this, five different hacking groups are trying to breach the security protocols of the companies in the business email server of Microsoft.

Microsoft has also released the Exchange Server product to ensure that the data is assessed within Outlook.