Adobe introduces AI tools in its digital marketing software

The enterprise software maker, Adobe has announced a new set of AI tools for marketing. The tech firm has been at the forefront of creating productivity solutions such as Photoshop. Adobe is now emerging as the biggest provider for software solutions to run marketing campaigns.

AI features released on Monday include scanning, labelling thousands of product images by colour and shape. The features are based on natural language processing (NLP). Adobe claims that the software can use NLP to read an article and determine its subject and context.

The features are part of Adobe Intelligent Services, a suite of AI-as-a-Service tools. The software solution is designed for marketers to improve customer experience. These tools are built on Adobe Experience Platform and powered by Adobe Sensei.

Retail brands that leverage customer data can use these tools to analyse historical and real-time data to dig deeper. Customer AI in real-time helps companies to understand and predict propensity.

This use of content intelligence is important for B2B businesses that depend on search. Adobe also has. The AI technology of this kind has been out there for a long time. But no organisation or platform has adopted it for improving customer experience. Adobe has intelligently placed this technology inside a marketing system.

Adobe claims that these AI-based features can help in maximising ROI by targeting a user group with the highest propensity. The unique integration of Customer AI and Adobe’s Real-time CDP, allows media brands to fast track the application of AI-driven insights.