Alert! Joker malware found in these 7 Android apps; uninstall now

With the increase of mobile device use in everyday life, it is no surprise to see cybercriminals targeting these endpoints for financial crimes.

The infamous ‘Joker’ malware has been circulating in various Google Play Store apps for three years now. The malware has now been spotted in seven new app.

Joker has the ability to sneak into your device via an application, following which it can secretly collect data. It can even subscribe the victim to premium subscriptions of other services, without the user’s consent.

Beware, these app will steal your money via your phone! Stop everything and uninstall them now:

  1. Now scan QRcode
  2. EmojiOne Keyboard
  3. Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper
  4. Dazzling Keyboard
  5. Volume Booster Loudspeaker
  6. Superhero-Effect
  7. Classic Emoji Keyboard

1. Disable the premium SMS option with your carrier. Disabling this option will nullify the UltimaSMS scam.

2. Carefully check reviews. Scam apps often have boosted review averages, but written reviews may reveal the true purpose of an app.

3. Don’t enter a phone number unless you trust the app.

4. Read the fine print available in the app details before entering details.

5. Stick to official app stores – Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store – when downloading apps.