Android 12 will be named Snow Cone, reveals a massive leak

The new Android version, i.e., Android 12 is yet to be introduced in the market for users. In a massive leak, the users from the XDA Developers community got a glimpse into the new version of Google’s most popular mobile operating system, Android. This new version, just like other Android versions till 10, will be named after a dessert. The name is said to be “Snow Code”.

Even the Android 11 was named Red Velvet Cake and now the Android 12 is called Snow Code or ‘sc’ internally. The source code of Android 12 contains ‘sc’ at several points that are pointing out its new name.

When the version reached the two digits, Android 10 version, Google stopped naming their version after the dessert. Android 9 was the last version whose desert name was for the public as Android Pie. Much like Android 10 and 11, Android 12 will not be out with a desert name for the public.

However, in this version, the one-handed mode might be added that is not new for Android. Some OEMs already have this feature but with Android 12, Google will make the major changes allowing the Pixel and other devices to run on one programme. It will be exciting to see what new features will Google add in the latest version.