Android apps expose data of over 100 million users through cloud services

Confidential data of over 100 million Android users leaked online due to a range of errors present in the settings of third-party cloud services leveraged by mobile applications. This has been recently concluded by experts working in the information security domain.

Experts studied twenty three popular Android based apps and they concluded that there are many errors present in the configuration of cloud services that are utilised by these apps. This can lead to disclosure of personal data of millions of users. This data may include emails, passwords, photographs, chat messages and other such items.

Information security experts succeeded in getting access to sensitive user information of users of around thirteen Android applications, each having impressive downloads which ranged from thousands to millions. In some of the apps, push notifications as well as cloud storage keys could be accessed.

Researchers have recommended that users must stay cautious while downloading an app on their smartphone. Android users can also leverage software solutions for safeguarding confidential information that can help in monitoring any unusual activity in real time to prevent data leaks.