Andy Rubin flaunts a new smartphone that looks like remote

The smartphone manufacturing company by the father of Android, Andy Rubin has unveiled a new smartphone that looks like a TV Remote. Images of the elongated product with a modern touchscreen and new UI elements were shown off on Rubin’s Twitter account yesterday.

After the controversial exit from Google, Andy Rubin started a smartphone company, Essential. The well-funded smartphone making company is not so well known for its products. It miserable failed to market the first Essential smartphone. With this new product, Essential claims to be trying to reframe user’s perspective on mobile.

On Tuesday, Andy Rubin posted a tweet along with the images of the smartphone. The tweet reads, “GEM Colorshift material. Still dialing in the colors.” The images indicate clearly radical design that has never been seen before for a smartphone. A couple of images were posted from the official Essential account as well. The design of these phones are drastically different. These devices look like a TV Remote that has an elongated look. The width of this device is almost half of the regular smartphone.

One of the images posted by Rubin suggest that this smartphone will have an entirely new UI. Essential will make gestures and other components compatible for the slim screen factor. While the device may attract some people, it will definitely create an issue for app developers. They will have to redesign their apps to support this device.

The images further highlight the power and volume buttons on the right side of the device. There is also a physical fingerprint scanner and a single rear camera bump. On the front side, the handset has a notch featuring camera. The detailed spec sheet is not available yet. Essential may be trying to think outside of box and create innovative designs. But looking at the odd form factor of the device, not many will prefer using it.