Apple AirTag hacked by cybercriminals to steal supercars

Apple AirTagsare inherently used to locate keys and valuables in the event that they are misplaced. However, as no technology comes without vulnerability, Airtags now face a serious security breach. But, let’s first understand how AirTags work:

Users can use the Bluetooth-enabled device as a keychain or tuck it inside their wallets to locate their belongings in the event of misplacement or theft using Apple’s Find My app. AirTags are supposed to securely locate one’s belonging in case they get misplaced.

What’s funny is that the same tech is now hacked by car thieves out in the US to steal “high-end vehicles” via Apple AirTags. Because of its modest size, the AirTag can be hidden practically anyplace in the car. US government is already preparing to roll out security protocols to address this massive loophole in the much-hyped ‘secured’ Apple accessory.

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Apple hints at a mass shortage of iPhone 13 supply in 2022

According to a notification released earlier this month, the New York region has reported more than five occurrences in which suspects installed small monitoring devices on high-end vehicles in order to steal them. AirTags are placed in out-of-sight regions of target vehicles when they are parked in public venues such as malls or parking lots, according to the notification. The targeted automobiles are then tracked to the victim’s home, where they are stolen from the driveway.”

Thieves are believed to enter a vehicle through the driver’s or passenger’s door using equipment such as screwdrivers. The burglars appear to be well-versed with car tech, as no alarms are triggered.

The announcement from US officials highlights Apple AirTag-based solutions for preventing car theft. Because most cars are stolen from driveways, the agency recommends people park their cars within the garage. Users should additionally install security cameras with an alarm system or utilise a steering wheel lock.