Apple allows developers to give in-app subscription discounts to win back subscribers

Apple is finally allowing developers to offer discounted subscription to win back subscribers. The tech giant has lifted the restriction of offering freebies and introductory discounts to only new users. The company has issued stricter guidelines on how subscriptions can be presented to such customers. The guidelines make it easier to cancel existing subscriptions. Apple is now rolling out new tools to help developers retain their current customers and win back old subscribers.

Apple is helping developers offer discount on apps with auto-renewable subscription. The discounted price can be offered for a specific period and will help developers grow and retain their customer base. With this provision, developers will get more control over their subscription pricing than what was available before.

Earlier, there was a provision to make an introductory offer to entice new customers to sign up. Developers could offer a free trial or offer a discounted rate for a limited period only. After the expiry of such a period, the app would automatically convert the subscription plan into a full price. However, the offers could only be made to first time customers. With the provision to offer discounts to existing customers, developers can now woo old subscribers and retain the existing ones.

Another important change is that the developers are now in control when to display an offer to which customer, in which territory and how many offers a customer can redeem. This would help developers in targeting their most valuable customers with the right set of offers.