Apple introduces new privacy policies for the App Store to secure user data

DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, calls out to Google for spying on user data. The tweet came out after the search engine giant updated the flagship app showcasing the data that they are collecting from users for marketing and personalisation purposes.

The company tweeted that Google, the tech giant, is collecting the personal data of the users that they have kept hidden that can be used to spy on users.

Google recently added privacy labels to iOS apps that can meet the rules of the Apple App Store after the break of three months that made users depend on older versions. There were speculations that the company has halted the iOS app updates due to Apple enforcement.

After Apple introduced the privacy protection policies into the products and services, the search engine giant made the privacy label changes. The motive of the labels is to keep the data collection practices user-friendly and easy to understand for users.

As per the pCloud release, 80% of the apps are collecting the data to deliver ads and market the products. Whereas 52% of the apps are sharing the user data with third-party. Due to his, the new privacy policies are placed by Apple to ensure that company’s are not collecting sensitive information.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO stated that technology doesn’t depend on vase person data that can be collected using websites or apps. The advertising industry was working earlier as well when no data was collected from users. He also believes that the companies are misleading users while exploiting the data.