Apple pushes 5th developer beta for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS

The tech giant, Apple has released the 5th beta for upcoming iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. The 5th beta indicates that the final release of the operating systems is close to release.

The beta code is pushed via over-the-air updates and Apple Developer Center for the developers. You need to be registered as a developer to enter the testing program. Generally, Apple pushes the public beta a few days after announcing the developer beta versions.

The 5th beta of iOS 11.4 has a build number 15F5077a, the fourth beta used the single build number 15F5071a. The third beta was split into two individual build numbers. Apple has integrated its education-focused ClassKit framework in the iOS 11.4. The app developers can finally work on the apps for Apple’s school-based tools.

ClassKit also brings the SchoolWork, an upcoming app that is designed to help teachers assign projects to other apps. Developers can enable their apps to integrate with SchoolWork. iOS 11.4 betas bring synchronized messages in iCloud. The feature first appeared in the iOS 11 beta but it never made it to the public iOS release.

tvOS 11.4 beta edition 5 has a build number 15L5576a, which is up the fourth beta’s build number of 15L5570a. The most significant change in the upcoming tvOS is going to be the support for AirPlay 2. An upcoming update to AirPlay wireless streaming protocol, which will help in introducing new featuresmulti-room audio. AirPlay 2 was initially introduced in the betas for iOS 11.3, but it was later removed the public full release.

The fifth beta of macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 has a build number of 17F70a, up the previous build number 17F66a. The major addition in the upcoming macOS is the support for messages in iCloud. The feature will be in sync with the iOS devices. Apart this, there is an enhanced GPU support. Users can connect an additional GPU using Thunderbolt 3 enclosure.

watchOS 4.3.1 fifth beta has a build number of 15T5567a, up the fourth beta with build number 15T5565a. As the build number changelog suggests, there are hardly any new changes. Since the 4.3.1 betas, Apple has started advising users that older apps will no longer be supported in the future versions of watchOS.