Apple to ditch Qualcomm antenna, iPhone 5G may feature custom antenna

There have been numerous rumours and leaks around Apple’s upcoming iPhone. The latest speculation suggests that Apple is probably shipping 5G supported iPhone this year and the company is rumoured to be working on a custom antenna to support 5G.

Apple continues to lock down plans for its 2020 iPhone models. Telecom operators have started testing high bandwidth 5G network across the world. A report by Fast Company suggests that Apple is locking down plans for its 2020 iPhone lineup. The gadget-maker is choosing two designs for the 5G version of the device.

The rumour is based on the Qualcomm antenna used in the iPhone. Apple has rejected the QTM 525 millimetre wave antenna by Qualcomm. The thickness obsessed Apple designers want to ship ultra-seek smartphones. The report by Fast Company suggests that 5G smartphone designers are sleeker than 8 mm thick.

Since the QTM 525 doesn’t fit in the sleek design that Apple has planned, the company might end up developing its own antenna. Apple has a history of making its own modules. Apple designers are working on another design that uses both Qualcomm modem and antenna. The company does not share good rapo with Qualcomm either. It is quite possible that Apple may make this move to use as few Qualcomm parts in its 5G iPhone as possible.

Apple might launch over four new iPhone models in its 2020 lineup. The recent reports also claim that iPhone 12 will be shipped in three different versions including 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch. The 6.7-inch iPhone model may have a thickness of around 7.4mm, which could be nearly 10% thinner than the current iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is 8.1 mm thick.