Apple to hide IP tracking on Safari, Mail

Taking its privacy-focused approach to another level after launching the App Tracking Transparency feature, Apple on Monday said it will automatically hide user IP addresses by default in Safari browser. The tech giant said that it will give users more control over what their installed apps are doing with their data.

Apple said it will also stop third parties from snooping on Mail users via tracking pixels. Mail will also hide user IP addresses by default like Safari. Apple also announced that it will launch an App Privacy Report that will be live in settings.

It will provide an overview of privacy-related issues related to installed apps on tour Apple devices like “how often apps use your contacts, microphone, location, or other data and identifiers”.

Apple rolled out the App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 as part of a broader privacy push. It’s a relatively simple change that requires all apps to obtain permission before they track users across other apps and websites.

Source: IANS