Beware, fraudsters hacking iOS devices via Tinder and Bumble

In recent research, cybersecurity firm Sophos Research revealed that cryptocurrency scammers are targeting iPhone users across three continents via popular dating applications like Tinder and Bumble. According to the research, fraudsters have not only stolen millions of money but have also gained access to victims’ iPhones.

Sophos Research uncovered “a Bitcoin wallet owned by the attackers that include nearly $1.4 million in cryptocurrency, allegedly collected from victims” in the CryptoRom fraud. According to the report, the hoax has spread from Asia to Europe and the United States.

“First, the attackers post convincing false profiles on real dating sites,” Sophos senior threat researcher Jagadeesh Chandraiah explained the scam’s method. The attackers recommend that once they’ve made contact with a target, they continue the conversation on a messaging platform. The next attempt to persuade the victim to download and invest in a phoney bitcoin trading software.”

“At first glance, the returns appear to be quite good, but when the victim requests for their money back or tries to access the cash, they are turned on, and the funds are gone. According to our study, the scammers are making millions of dollars with this scheme “Added he.

According to Sophos, scammers can use the bogus cryptocurrency software to obtain access to victims’ iPhones in addition to making money. Cybercriminals accomplish this by utilising ‘Enterprise Signature,’ a method that allows software developers to pre-test new iOS programmes with a select group of iPhone users before submitting them to the Apple App Store for review and approval.

According to Sophos, attackers can use this approach to target bigger groups of iPhone users with bogus crypto-trading apps and get remote administrative access over their devices.