Check if your email was hacked in this breach of over 700 million IDs

If the data leaks that made headlines in 2018 were not enough, here’s one of the biggest data leaks right at the start of this new year. A cybersecurity researcher has reported a massive data leak that impacts 773 million email IDs and 21 million passwords.

Australian web security expert, Troy Hunt has disclosed the data leak that exposes a collection of email addresses and passwords. The database of 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords is part of Collection #1, part of the total data totalling 2.69 billion rows.

Hunt has mentioned about the leak on his website and revealed that he found the data dump on a popular hacker forum. The popular cloud platform MEGA had a directory named ‘Collection #1’, which contained this massive amount of data. The data is spread over 12,000 different files. The size of all files put together is more than 87GB.

Hunt further said that these data files may or may not have been targets of data breaches reported in the past. In a blog post he writes, “I’ve been in multiple data breaches before which have resulted in my email addresses and yes, my passwords, circulating in public. Fortunately, only passwords that are no longer in use, but I still feel the same sense of dismay that many people reading this will when I see them pop up again.”

The researcher has uploaded all the data files in a secure manner on his website. Have I Been Pwned website has compiled a list of searchable databases of compromised passwords. The affected users can easily check if their password is part of the breach.

According to Hunt, out of 2.2 million users that use free notification service by Have I been Pwned, 768,000 have been found in this breach.

To see if you are affected by this data breach, log on to the website, you will see a box where you can enter your concerned email address and check for yourself.