Chinese hacker breaks into iPhone 13 Pro in just 1 second!

Apple sells the iPhone on the promise of privacy and security at the highest levels. The latest iPhone 13 models only further that with the latest iOS 15 onboard. However, a white hat hacker in China has proven that iPhones are as vulnerable to attacks as Android counterparts; that too the latest iPhone 13 series.

A white hat hacker from Pangu Labs managed to jailbreak an iPhone 13 Pro remotely in around a second. All the hacker needed was the user to click a link on the device and the process was underway. The hacker managed to get access of the highest levels on this jailbroken iPhone 13 Pro remotely and could even wipe out all data.

After the iPhone was jailbroken, the hacker was able to access all of the user’s information easily. The white hat hacker managed to gain access to the photo albums and apps on the device. It was also possible to delete the data remotely.

A hack of this nature also goes on to show that no matter what device you use, it is always a good idea to not click on malicious links sent via SMS messages or from dodgy website. As the white hat hacker demonstrated, a cyberattack can take place in the background and the victim might now even know it’s happening.