Chrome’s upcoming version will block abusive pop up ads

Google is taking strong steps to limit the spread of abusive ads on its popular browser. Chrome’s upcoming version 71 will block abusive ads that appear on websites. The browser’s new version will protect users from malicious content and an unexpected user experience that comes through these ads.

According to Google, abusive ads can be of many forms including pop-up ads, phishing attempts, unexpected clicks, page elements that auto-redirect without any action from user. The company has launched tools to deal with these issues in the last version. However, these tools were not adequate enough to address the issue.

Abusive ads
Google had launched Chrome 58 version to fight against abusive content. This particular version of Chrome had a bunch of features that would prevent websites from opening new tabs or windows, if the new windows had abusive experiences. However, these measures were insufficient to prevent misleading or dangerous ads.

Chrome 71 release will fix the issues that were rampant in Chrome 58 to enhance the user experience. The websites that contain abusive ads will be blacklisted by Chrome. The website owners will get 1-month of period to clean up their site. If they fail to do so, Google will block their ads on Chrome. Users can disable the feature in Chrome in case they prefer browsing websites with abusive content.

Google’s control over the web

The changes introduced by Chrome 71 will make millions of internet users happier. At the same time, it will come as a nuisance for site owners and content publishers. Website owners will be forced to choose which kind of ads they can show on their sites. Chrome is the most used internet browsers available today. Google also controls a large part of advertising traffic on the internet.

Site owners

Google will start rolling out the update in December 2018. Chrome 71 will remove all ads on sites with persistent abusive experience. Google has made a provision for site owners to check if their site contains any abusive experience by filing the Abusive Experiences Report available on Google. Website owners will get 30-day window to fix the flagged items.