1000 fast charging stations for electric cars by 2023

The establishment of a fast charging network for electric cars in Germany is to be promoted. The network should be nationwide by 2023.

A law passed in the Bundestag on Thursday evening created the basis for tendering 1,000 additional locations. “The next fast charging station must be reachable in a few minutes,” said Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Thanks to government funding, a public network with 1000 fast charging stations, each with an output of over 150 kilowatts, is to be built in Germany by the year after next.

“Fast charging with over 150 kilowatts in particular is crucial for an unrestricted range of e-cars,” emphasized Scheuer. Only with a nationwide and user-friendly charging infrastructure can one move people to switch to climate-friendly e-cars.

From the point of view of the car association VDIK, the decision is an “important building block” for the field of application of e-cars. “Longer journeys will also be possible in the future without any problems, fear of range no longer has to arise,” said VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel. Now the construction has to start as soon as possible. With the law, the tender could begin and a nationwide network could be created by 2023.

According to the Ministry of Transport, there are currently only around 800 charging points with more than 150 kilowatts – around 2.4 percent of all publicly accessible charging stations in Germany. The economy complains that charging stations cannot yet be operated economically. Therefore, long-term contracts with the companies are planned in the law, which are to set up and operate the “fast charging hubs” after a Europe-wide tender.

The number of newly registered electric cars – driven by higher government premiums – has recently risen sharply. However, petrol and diesel engines are still predominant. Electromobility plays an important role in the federal government’s climate protection program so that climate targets can be achieved in transport.