Amid talent crunch less IT professionals losing jobs post hacking: Report

According to a new estimate, fewer senior
IT experts will lose their jobs in 2021 instead of prior years. The need for cybersecurity expertise remains high and more companies now believe in cultivating and maintaining talent rather than issuing pink slips.

According to a Kaspersky survey, there is a good trend in how businesses respond to cybersecurity incidents worldwide. If a data breach occurs in 2021, nearly half as many organisations will lay off senior
IT workers (7% vs 16% in 2018) and senior IT security jobs (13% vs 18% in 2018).

The percentage of employees who potentially lose their jobs due to a data leak has shifted. In addition to senior IT and IT security positions, C-level executives are now half as likely to be fired – 10% in 2021 versus 11% in 2018.

Non-IT senior personnel are likewise affected by the downward trend. As a result, the general divide between IT and non-IT, senior and non-senior roles has flattened compared to a few years ago, according to the research. According to Gartner, 40% of boards will have a dedicated cybersecurity committee chaired by a competent director by 2025.

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With the market’s persisting skills gap, it’s critical for businesses to keep professionals in their roles. The need to boost specialist security skills is cited by nearly 45% of businesses as the top reason for increasing their IT security budget.

In fact, behind the growing complexity of IT infrastructure, this is the second most common reason (49% ). Employers are also interested in maintaining their expertise within the firm by investing in internal specialists, according to the survey, so that employees can exploit their abilities in the future.