Mr. Masatoshi Yamashita, Secretary General of


Mr. Masatoshi Yamashita, Secretary General of “Pacific Nuclear Disaster Support Center” to report on the keynote = Kochi City on the morning of the 7th

The “Bikini Day in Kochi” rally was held in Kochi City on the 7th. It is said that many tuna fishing boats in Kochi were exposed to the hydrogen bomb test conducted by the United States on the Pacific Bikini Atoll in 1954, and it was held in response to the entry into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in January. Participants appealed for the abolition of nuclear weapons and support for the victims of bikini.

Sponsored by an executive committee created by the Kochi Prefecture Atomic Bomb Countermeasures Council. About 100 people gathered at the venue in the city, and about 50 people participated online.

Masatoshi Yamashita, the secretary general of the Pacific Nuclear Disaster Support Center, a citizen group that supports former seafarers, made a keynote report. Regarding the entry into force of the treaty, he said, “The long-awaited historical progress for us who have experienced that nuclear weapons and humankind cannot coexist.”