Key points of the


Key points of the “Regional Decarbonization Roadmap”

On the 7th, the draft process chart “Regional Decarbonization Roadmap” under consideration by the government toward virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 was revealed. Prior to this, the status of regional efforts aimed at decarbonization by FY2018 was announced in a ranking format, and it was clarified that competition between regions would be activated. We are adjusting to include the goal of introducing solar power generation equipment to all the facilities of the national and local governments where it can be installed.

It will be shown at the “National and Local Decarbonization Realization Conference” to be held at the Prime Minister’s Office soon. The ranking aims to promote competition and spread successful cases, but since the amount of renewable energy such as sunlight that can be utilized depends on geographical factors, there is a possibility that dissatisfaction will occur from disadvantaged areas. be.