On the 30th, the government’s Antarctic Research Expedition Headquarters decided to have 64 members of the 63rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. The plan is to leave Japan on the Antarctic research ship “Shirase” in November and head for Syowa Station via Australia. The final decision will be made in October based on the infection status of the new coronavirus.

The captain is Yuki Ushio, a professor at the Antarctic Research Expedition, National Institute of Polar Research (59), and the deputy captain is Nobunobu Sawakaki, an associate professor at Hosei University (54). In the future, we will add members to make 73 members. Five people, including Masahiro Watanabe (38), a small attached to Utsunomiya University, will also participate as companions to the observation team.

The number of the 63rd corps is about the same as usual, but as with last year’s 62nd corps, the policy is to isolate the members in accommodation facilities for 2 weeks before boarding.