The Volcano Eruption Prediction Liaison Committee (Kyoren, Chairman, Hiroshi Shimizu, Specially Appointed Professor of Kyushu University Graduate School) held a regular meeting on the web on the 30th to evaluate the situation of active volcanoes in each region. Sakurajima (Kagoshima Prefecture) may have renewed eruptive activity, and Suwanosejima (same) may continue to have an eruption that affects the area around the crater.

According to the Prediction Federation, Sakurajima seems to have accumulated magma supplied over a long period of time in the deep underground of Aira Caldera, and since the amount of volcanic gas released is large, eruptive activity is active centering on the Minamidake summit crater. There is a risk of becoming.

Suwanosejima is said to have magma rising just below the Mitake crater.