Following the government’s decision to release the treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to the ocean, Fukushima Prefecture announced on the 23rd that it will establish a new department, “Rumor and Weathering Strategy Office,” to take measures against rumors and prevent the weathering of nuclear accidents.

Previously, the Public Relations Section of the General Affairs Department was in charge of both disseminating information outside the prefecture and coordinating with the government. In the future, in order to further strengthen cooperation with the national government, a new department will be set up on the 28th in the Planning and Coordination Division of the Planning and Coordination Department, which is the contact point for budget negotiations, and four staff members will be assigned. The function of disseminating information remains in the Public Relations Section.

Governor Masao Uchibori said at a press conference on the 19th, “It is necessary to take measures with a view to the medium to long term, including the period until the release into the ocean. I was expressing.