Masaya Tachibana, the representative of TEPCO’s Niigata Headquarters (Niigata Prefecture), held a press conference in Niigata City on the 24th, and it is time to complete the practical safety measures work for the restart of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant Unit 7 (Niigata Prefecture). It was revealed that it was expected to be delayed in early January 2021. We were aiming for the end of 20 years, but due to bad weather, the ground liquefaction countermeasure work was delayed. The company states that “there will be no impact on future schedules.”

After the construction is completed, TEPCO plans to proceed with “pre-startup inspection” including fuel loading to put nuclear fuel into the reactor by April 2009. Since it is necessary to obtain the consent of local governments such as the prefecture and Kashiwazaki City, the timing of restart has not been decided.