Meta sues 39,000 websites for stealing Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram passwords

Facebook’s parent company Meta has filed a lawsuit in the US to ban 39,000 phishing websites that are deceiving people into sharing their login credentials on fake login pages for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

“Reports of phishing attacks have been on the rise across the industry and we are taking this action to uncover the identities of the people behind the attack and stop their harmful conduct. Starting in March 2021, when the volume of these attacks increased, we worked with the relay service to suspend thousands of URLs to the phishing websites,” Meta said in a statement.

Phishing attacks pretend to be ‘someone else’, such as a bank, a merchant, or other service. Once they gain users’ they keep on prompting them to enter their credentials such as account password, bank details, OTPs.

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More than 39,000 websites were created in this phishing campaign. These websites pretended to be the login pages of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to trick users into entering their password. Once the user enters the password, the hackers running these sites used it to login to the victims’ account with malicious intentions.

  • Install firewalls
  • Do not click on unknown links
  • Do not click on pop-ups
  • There are various websites to check the authenticity of a URL, use them