Image of Mobius strip (center) and


Image of Mobius strip (center) and “Mobius carbon nanobelt” (provided by Professor Kenichiro Itami, Nagoya University)

A team of Professor Kenichiro Itami (Synthetic Chemistry) of the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University said that he was the first in the world to synthesize a molecule made of carbon in the shape of a “Mobius ring” that has a circular shape with a twist on the band. It was published in the English scientific journal on the 19th. Named “Mevius Carbon Nano Belt”. It has the potential to have new properties not found in conventional carbon materials.

In 2017, the team announced the synthesis of a “carbon nanobelt” without a twist, aiming to synthesize more complex molecules. To get a twist, the band had to be longer than the carbon nanobelt, and the supercomputer calculated the required length.