Imagination of the ultra-large telescope


Imagination of the ultra-large telescope “TMT” (provided by TMT International Observatory)

In July, the administrative court of the Spanish Canary Islands, which is the second candidate site, opposes the construction of the ultra-large telescope “TMT” planned by teams from five countries including Japan, the United States, China and Canada on the Big Island of Hawaii. By the 4th, an interview with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan revealed that the plan had run into a deadlock, such as admitting the complaint and invalidating the land use permit. The five countries have a policy of appealing, but even on the island of Hawaii, which is the number one candidate site, there is strong opposition to construction, and the construction itself is in jeopardy.

Equipped with a huge mirror with a diameter of 30 meters, TMT is expected to approach the mystery of the universe with the world’s highest level of performance. The initial completion schedule was 2022.