Plant eating marks on sauropod dinosaur teeth

Plant eating marks on sauropod dinosaur teeth
 Fossil sauropod teeth with surface undulations measured with a laser microscope (provided by Yasushi Kubo of the research team)

A team from Waseda University and the Kuji Amber Museum (Kuji Amber Museum) held a press conference on the 15th, stating that the fossil teeth of a “sauropod” dinosaur found in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture, had traces indicating that they ate plants. announced. Ren Hirayama, a professor of vertebrate paleontology at Waseda University, commented, “I could only speculate about what they were eating until now, but for the first time, I have obtained objective evidence.”

Sauropods are giant dinosaurs with long necks and tails. It is known to be a herbivore, but it is said that it was an assumption because there were no similar animals extant. Fossilized pollen of ferns and gymnosperms was found in the same stratum, and the team believes that they ate the foliage of these plants in the surrounding vegetation.

ALyo Natour