Production of meat substitute products will increase by more than a third in 2020

Vegetarian and vegan substitute products are becoming increasingly popular. Compared to meat products, the market is still a niche. But meat consumption fell significantly in the long term.

The choice of meat alternatives in supermarkets is growing.

Dhe production of vegetarian or vegan foods in Germany rose sharply last year: in 2020, companies produced 39 percent more meat substitute products compared to the previous year, the amount rose from 60,400 tons to almost 84,000 tons, as the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden announced on Friday . The value of the products grew from just under 273 million euros to just under 375 million euros – an increase of 37 percent.

For comparison: the value of meat products manufactured in Germany was almost 39 billion euros last year, which is more than a hundred times the value of meat substitute products. In 2019, the value of meat production reached 40.1 billion euros, the highest level in ten years. The decline in 2020 could also have something to do with the corona pandemic, the statisticians explained: Some production companies had to close temporarily due to violations of hygiene protection requirements and high levels of infection among employees.

In the long term, the consumption of meat for cooking or roasting has decreased significantly: in 1978 a household consumed an average of 6.7 kilograms of meat per month – not including sausage products, smoked and dried meat or other preserved, processed meat. 40 years later, at around 2.3 kilograms, it was only around a third of the amount.

The consumption of pork fell particularly sharply: while a household consumed an average of 3.1 kilograms per month in 1978, it was just under 900 grams in 2018. The consumption of beef fell from 1.5 kilograms to 600 grams that of poultry from 1.3 Kilograms to a good 800 grams.

The statisticians have only been collecting data on meat substitute products since 2019 – a year-on-year comparison was therefore possible for the first time.