The truck of tomorrow can hardly be heard

Freight traffic also has to reduce its emissions: Daimler is relying on hydrogen-based drives for trucks. The competition sees this as a serious disadvantage.

The prototype of the hydrogen truck will be presented at a press conference.

Dhe truck of the future is therefore quieter than its diesel counterparts from the present. The electrically powered commercial vehicle cannot really be heard until it passes the people next to the circuit on the test track in Daimler’s development and test center in Wörth. The tire noise of the 40-ton combination almost superimposes the electric hum of the tractor unit. In the driver’s cab, too, it is unusually quiet and wobble-free while driving. Even when the truck climbs an 18 percent gradient, it moves extremely smoothly and smoothly, almost like a train on rails.

Since the end of April, Daimler Truck AG has been testing the “GenH2” electric truck in its test center at the Wörth plant in Rhineland-Palatinate. Part of the name stands for the source from which the electrical energy for the tractor is fed. H2 is the chemical formula for hydrogen. In a fuel cell system, the element reacts with the oxygen from the ambient air. This creates water which, in the case of the GenH2, hardly visibly evaporates from a pipe above the driver’s cab. Above all, however, the fuel cell supplies electricity, which drives two electric motors with a total of a good 600 hp. An additional battery takes over in special situations, such as when the truck starts moving or maneuvering. It is also fed by the fuel cell or stores energy that is generated when the truck rolls or brakes downhill.