This is how a holiday with an electric car is a success

Many electric car drivers are going on vacation with their Stromer for the first time this year. You should prepare well because long journeys in an electric car require planning and patience.

This is where the electricity flows: a charging station in Rome

Gut 115,000 new electric cars were registered by the authorities in this country between January and May of this year. Because the corona incidences are falling further and the travel restrictions are being relaxed, the question arises for many new electric car owners: Can you go on vacation with the electric car? In principle, this is possible, say car manufacturers and experts. But unlike in the case of internal combustion engines, with which you can theoretically start driving straight away, with an electric car it is advisable to invest more time in preparing for the journey.

“A vacation with an electric car requires a little more planning than a vacation with traditional motorization,” writes the Volkswagen Group under the heading “Vacation with an electric car: this is how it works” on its website. On the one hand, e-car travelers would have to consider the range of their own electric car. In addition, an overview of the charging stations along the planned route is essential. For example, the company Chargemap offers a charging station directory for long-distance travel. “Alternatively, you can support websites such as ‘Going Electric’ with route planning,” advises VW to the electric vehicle enthusiasts.

ALyo Natour