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Even before the coronavirus pandemic, technology was growing rapidly. But in the short space of just months, it has become essential for the world. With such driving force behind the technological adaptions, the need for both jobs and individuals with skills and knowledge has grown exponentially to transform the industries and sectors.

IT professionals are the key to maintaining the digital infrastructure of any company. That is why IT employees are in demand, but because it is a wide-ranging industry with many opportunities, you may have some questions about the job profiles and the benefits.

Here are the top five IT jobs for you to explore.

A network administrator manages and maintains a computer network within an organisation. They oversee systems and rectify any challenges that may arise. They are also responsible for installing and configuring computer networks and data communications systems for efficient workflow.

₹5,03,790 per year

A UX designer makes a product or service usable, visually appealing, and accessible. This role is often associated with the digital design of websites and applications. However, a UX designer determines a product needs and deliver a functional and successful outcome.

₹6,705,345 per year

A senior software engineer is a problem-solver, creative, and responsible for leading the entire development program of the software. They apply their knowledge of mathematics and computer science to create and improve new software.

₹8,030,00 per year

20 Highest paying jobs for computer science professionals in India

20 Highest paying jobs for computer science professionals in India

A data scientist incorporates the knowledge of computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They analyze model data and interpret results to create actionable plans for organisations. They also help collect crucial company data, including financial records, sales, prospects, and more.

₹8,280,00 per year

Cloud engineers are responsible for researching and implementing ways to transfer a company’s existing infrastructure to cloud-based systems. They also manage the security and access of the cloud system. They set up an architecture using cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or more.

₹9,045,32 per year

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Top coding skills that Google, Amazon, TCS, Infosys look for while hiring

Although these are five of the best IT jobs to look for, there are many other fields like IT security specialists, system analysts, IT coordinators, mobile app developers, and more. So, keep looking if one of the careers described above appeals to you. If you are looking for a transition, you don’t have to go back to the school to pursue it; many certificate courses online can land you a good start.

Your dream job awaits you!